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About Us

Caroline Rose founder of Résumés of Excellence has over 20 years’ experience writing résumés, Selection Criteria and Cover Letters and over 20 years in a client service environment. Caroline has been successful in gaining employment for a wide variety of trades and professions.  Every written piece of work from Résumés of Excellence is proof read by Caroline due to her many years of critiquing résumés, letters, reports and even websites.

Caroline Rose - Founder

Why choose Résumés of Excellence?

Our writers care about you the client; we want to help you achieve that position you feel is just out of reach! We will work with you and provide the best possible résumé tailored to the position you are applying for. Remember - the one size fits all résumé doesn’t exist today. The same rule applies to cover letters. Each cover letter must be tailored to the position you are applying for. Many people still use the same cover letter for several different positions and just change the name of the Employer. Why can’t they get an interview? Employers are looking for people who have gone that extra step and researched the position and tailored their cover letter accordingly.

All our cover letters are tailored to the position you are applying for. Your cover letter will be the first document an employer will see and will make the decision to read your résumé depending on the quality of your cover letter.

Most companies offer up to two revisions of your résumé; we will revise your résumé until you are completely satisfied without setting limits on how many changes you can make.  Why do we offer this service? Client satisfaction! If you walk away with a product you are not 100% satisfied with, chances are this will affect your confidence in an interview! We want you to have the best possible product which will give you the confidence to shine in an interview!

We will always advise you correctly on what to do to help you get an interview. In particular if you are applying for two separate positions you must have two tailored résumés. A résumé that targets more than one job role will most likely be rejected.  Remember it’s an employer’s market out there today!

All of Résumés of Excellence staff are highly trained, not just in résumé writing but in client contact skills. It’s important that you feel comfortable working with us!


Professional consulting services now available. We can provide you with personalised resume writing information sessions designed to achieve your interview goals. Price will depend on numbers and time taken. We will provide you with a copy of the PowerPoint presentation along with some information which will help you to write a strong resume.