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“I was so worried; I couldn’t get a job let alone an interview. I spoke to Caroline at Resumes of Excellence and explained my situation. She was so helpful she explained how she could help me and even gave me some useful tips on interview techniques and what to wear! The prices were so cheap, especially as I was on a pension!  I had 3 interviews within 2 weeks and I now have a job, thank you so much.”

Valerie P
South Australia


“I haven’t needed a resume for over 15 years! I didn’t even know where to start. A friend of mine had a resume done by Resumes of Excellence and had great results. I called Caroline and was amazed at how easy going and professional she was. Needless to say I had my resume updated and by the end of it all I couldn’t believe how good it looked and sounded, thanks Caroline.”

Gary W


“I now have a job thanks to Resumes of Excellence. I didn’t even think I had a chance, not having much experience. I was really shocked at how quickly Caroline put together a resume and cover letter for me and I now have a traineeship and I am so happy. ”

Wayne S


“My husband and I are immigrating to Australia and decided that we needed professional resumes and cover letters that would reflect the skill level we both have. We searched around and after emailing several resume companies we decided to use Resumes of Excellence.  Not only did we receive exceptional result s, Caroline even had the foresight to send me a few links for positions that suited me and my husband exactly. Caroline was helpful at all times and advised us of some of the Aussie nuances that we had a lot of laughs over.”

South Africa


“I was employed as a chef but wanted to look for better opportunities, I contacted Resumes of Excellence and I had a resume and cover letter written. I received a phone call for an interview within two days. So happy!

Jake M


“I had my resume done, by someone else claiming to be a certified resume writer, I was so disappointed.  I rang Caroline and she was so understanding.  I took the resume to her and she fixed it and made it into a beautiful document that I was proud of. So pleased and grateful. Such a lovely lady and so completely professional, I should have gone to Resumes of Excellence first!”

Greg H


“I have been driving trucks for nearly 20 years. I needed a change.  I saw all these jobs for office positions, and I didn’t think I would ever stand a chance at getting an interview. I rang Caroline from Resumes of Excellence. She took so much time to speak to me and work out what I wanted and what skills I had. I couldn’t believe the resume she made for me. She took all my skills which I didn’t think I had a lot of and made me realise I had a lot more to offer than I thought. I had an interview in less than a week. I now thoroughly enjoy working in logistics for a well know company and my wife and I are very happy now I am home more.”

Michael P


“I was startled when I realised that to apply for another position within public service that I would need to address a comprehensive selection criteria.  I knew I had the skills the role demanded but no idea how to get that across. I rang Resumes of Excellence and was pleasantly surprised that this is a standard document now and Caroline delivered results that I am just ecstatic about.”

Leanne W


“I decided to return to work after many years at home; I knew I needed help so I contacted Caroline at Resumes of Excellence, she did a fabulous job and I got an interview with the Tax Office and gained the position, thank you Caroline.”

Debbie I


“OMG, Caroline is awesome!  I needed a part time job while I was at school to get a car. I hadn’t done anything before and my resume wasn’t very full. My dad had used Caroline to get a job at an office and he got a job. I asked Caroline to do mine and OMG I had my first interview last week. So excited. Big thanks Caroline”



“Cheers Caroline, you did an ace job. Really happy with it. Don’t forget to give me a yell if you need your driveway done.”



“I am soooooooo happy with your level of expertise. You work is of the highest professional standard I could have hoped for.

Thanks Caroline – you will be hearing from me again.

Thanks buddy”

Rel J

“Caroline – You are amazing.

I love the way you word sentences and put a letter and resume together.

You are extremely gifted and I am so grateful to my friend for introducing me to you.

Thank you thank you thank you

You are THE BEST”

Rel J


“I was made redundant and contacted Resumes of Excellence for a resume and cover letter. I got told in the interview that I placed first with my resume and cover letter, thank you Caroline”.

Graham M


“I wanted to change jobs and I thought I would have a better chance if I got a professional resume. I contacted Caroline and had a resume and cover letter developed. I got an interview and I was told it wasn’t only the best of 70 applicants but the best resume they had ever seen. Thank you, Caroline.

Shoana J


“I had a resume written by Resumes of Excellence; Caroline is the resume writer who I dealt with and provided me with excellent customer service both face to face and over the phone. When I was unsure of what to put in my resume she was very helpful in getting information and organising it in order so she could provide me with the best resume I have ever had. Her professionalism and service was so fantastic I came back a week later to get a cover letter written for another position. She tailored the cover letter perfectly by actively researching the position I was going for and gaining me an upper hand to my competitors. I was successful in getting an interview and I can safely say it was due to my amazing resume and cover letter. Thank you Caroline”.

David R


I was working in a position I had been in for a couple of years and decided I wanted a change. I had a resume and cover letter done through Resumes of Excellence. I gained an interview for the position I applied for. I was so happy with the service I got and the quick turnaround time. Thank you Resumes of Excellence, great work”.

Paula B